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Intelligent Cricket is a UK based company with team members all around the world.We have grown rapidly, bringing together professionals from many fields of research to createa large pool of cricket data expertise.

Using the latest statistical techniques, machine learning and simulation technologies, our team of top-class data scientists have turned vast datasets into a range of insightful, meaningful products that can help companies and teams around the world supercharge their cricket coverage.


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Sim Cricket

Using state of the art simulation techniques and modelling software we can model different match ups, whole games or even careers to create a range of incredible predictive data. Our approach harnesses the very latest approaches and produces a totally unique set of data, like stepping into the future!

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Moving beyond simply the provision of data, our services unlock that data to provide meaningful analysis and feedback, helping players and teams to optimise their strategies and keep ahead of the opposition.

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Providing rich, original data using the latest mathematical techniques.Our TASWorld features cover a range of analytical and predictive insights to illuminate a matchas it unfolds.

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