Our data or widgets can be used by your app to support other content and improve user experience. Please contact us to discuss your needs and we will help you build a plan that works best for your business needs. We are also able to create bespoke data needs, so your app has exactly what it needs.

Teams and Federations

We provide up to date lists of all players teams, tournaments, with supporting statistical data as well as defining features such as shirt colours, playing styles, player appearances, venue appearances and much more.

Scoring Apps

Our scoring APIs are low latency, deep data points and high quality. Ideal for driving scoring apps and widgets of all shapes and sizes.

News Apps

Our editorial and statistical content is vast, continuously providing rich, interesting, and original content for a range of media styles and approaches.

Social Media

Our social media content is great for adding that extra detail and making your feeds stand out from the crowd. Our charts, insights and insightful narrative pieces are sure to add value to your work.

Gaming Apps

We provide all of the background data about players, teams and tournaments as well as scoring and general statistics that you will need for your gaming apps.