Live Match Data

Our live scoring software powers a range of live scoring scoreboards, widgets, commentary feeds, alerts and much more, ensuring every media outlet has access to the best quality, low latency data and helping you raise the profile of your tournament.

Simulation Features

To increase fan engagement further our bespoke simulation tools can play out thousands of fixtures, revealing the long term success of different strategies, team compositions or tactics. For a bit of fun, you can even play teams from different era’s!

Player Ratings

Our unique AVRatings provide a tournament level, highly accurate and meaningful metric that is easy to interpret. The ratings can be used to highlight head to heads, show big moments as they unfold and for various rankings and tables.

Pre and Post Match Statistical Analysis

Our data analysts can use their statistics and modelling to demonstrate to fans where the key moments and turning points are, heightening the user experience.

Live Data Collection

Our professional staff can attend each fixture to collect live data on the organisers behalf to drive range of products for the official site.

Website Management

Our dedicated content and support teams can run a tournament home page, ensuring fresh, original and interactive content for your fans. Our social media management team can oversee various profiles on your behalf, linking content across platforms to drive fan engagement.