Working with teams to ensure they optimise their team selections and playing strategies. Our in-depth analysis highlights different strengths and weaknesses, offering an insightful interpretation of the data and constructive recommendations to teams and players.

Team Profiles

Our clients have access to all our fully customisable team profiles, which show in depth analysis of every match, team, and tournament.

Match Previews

Our team generate a preview for each match, covering the best players, likely match ups, previous form, venue assessment and likely statistics for the game ahead.

Player Profiles

Detailed analysis and appraisal of each player, their strengths overall as well as by phase, bowler type, ball type, under pressure, in different conditions and much more.

Venue Analysis

Close up analysis of the historical stats for each venue, successful tactics, review of bowling and batting approaches.

Tournament Analysis

Overall view of whole tournaments, analysing different strategies and approaches that worked or didn’t, overall stats relative to other tournaments and a full suite of tables and rankings for every aspect of play.