Our real time scoring data covers over 4000 matches a year and is available via API or by using one of our customisable widgets. Whether you need basic scoring data or the full range of statistics and graphics we cover it all and can build a plan to suit your business needs.

Basic Scoring Data

Low latency data for every ball, ongoing match details and headline scores, including the innings scores, both batsmen, current bowlers, winning percentages, full squads and basic commentary.

Intermediate Scoring Data

All the main data plus a data to power all of the charts and graphs cricket fans have come to love, including the Manhattan, Worm, Wagon Wheel, Pitch Map, Bee Hive and more!

Advanced Scoring Data

All the basic data and charts and additional deeper analytical data to map the progress of a match in more depth than ever before. Customers can view full match assessment and innings evaluations as they unfold, with a range of projections and charts to map a teams good and bad moves as the match unfolds.