Providing rich, original data using the latest mathematical techniques. Our TAS World features cover a range of analytical and predictive insights to illuminate a match as it unfolds.

TAS Sim 1000

Cricket Balls

Customers can select any players, teams or point of interest and we will run 1000 simulations using our state-of-the-art simulator tools to find out what would happen. We allow up to 5 such simulations run ensuring a varied, novel and informative talking point for your pre match discussions.

TAS AVRatings

AV Rating

Our unique rating system generates the worlds most accurate player ratings. Tables show global rankings or tournaments specific rankings as well as customised tables for players in a particular match. Insightful graphics can show a player's best performances or whole teams performances by tournament, match and phase.

TAS Profiles

TAD Profiles

Available for Batters, Bowlers, Teams, Venues and Competitions, these profiles show original statistical highlights about different features of the game. For players, this includes their AVRating, Averages, Strike rate/Economy Rates and Six Hitting/Dot Percentage For teams and competitions the highlights include Phase analysis, Pressure index, Style Guide and Boundary Study

TAS Trivia

TAD Trivia

With the help of our machine learning bots our analysts will pick out random statistical trivia from the match or tournament so far to compliment the cricket and entertain viewers. Trivia can be player, venue, team or competition related and optimised to suit the flow of the match as it unfolds.

TAS Forecast

TAD Forecast

In addition to the other forecasts generating predictions about every aspect of the match. Commentators can chose to display any of these that they feel relevant to the passage of play and the narrative. Forecasts show the percentage chance of different scenarios and their affects on that team winning the match.

TAS Power Bar

TAD Powerbar

A simple visual graphic to show each teams winning percentage, with a bar sliding up and down as play unfolds.

TAS Power Graph

TAD Power Graph

A simple visual graphic to show how each team’s winning percentage has changed throughout the innings, with key events like expensive overs and wickets highlighted.

TAS Runs Tracker

TAD Runs Tracker

The tracker visual shows the updated innings runs prediction along with the match winner price, displayed on a graph with cross hairs and circle target with shading for both sides. Also compares to the original TAS Runs Tracker total, the total expected before the first ball of the first innings was bowled.

TAS Tactics

TAD Tactics

The TAS system will generate optimum tactical strategies at key moments, comparing the alternatives and displaying the effects on team’s chances of winning the match given different strategies. The effect can be expressed in terms of probability or runs scored or chance of team winning.

TAS Pressure Zone

TAD Pressure Zone

When the trackers calculate high volatility in the match winner predictions a heart beat will pulse, indicating that a boundary or wicket here is particularly important, showing the likely chances of each team winning given a boundary or wicket in the over.

TAS Flash Point

TAD Flash Point

Our in-play tracking is continuously predicting what will happen next and will automatically flag up flash points where the likelihood of a boundary or wicket has risen sharply. Graphics will show what the percentage of a boundary or wicket from the next ball will be.

TAS Match Up

TAD Match Up

Prior to the match, particularly interesting batsman v bowler match ups are identified, when detected in play, the graphic displays, along with details of the likely outcome of the clash, showing chance of dismissal, chance of x runs and likely shift in match winner prediction by the end of the over.

TAS Player of the Match

TAD Player of the Match

Our statistical evaluation will look at how players navigated pressure moments, what value their efforts added to the teams chances of winning and the context in which of their actions were set to assign a true statistical performance of the match.

TAS Highlights

TAD Highlights

Using the power of big data to calculate the top five match changing moments of the game.