Working with teams as they prepare for player auctions. Our team of auction statisticians, economists and cricket data experts use their understanding of cricket data, performance analysis and game theory to provide the perfect all-round support. Helping franchises to improve their auction performance and optimise their playing team.

Player Profiling and Rating

Our analysis tools help make sense from the wealth of data currently available, providing accurate insightful interpretations and recommendations. Each player is given ratings, which can be broken down by opponent, playing styles, game phase etc to ensure your team selection is optimised.

Team Composition Analysis

Using our simulation software, ratings and historic data to model different team compositions and provide insightful recommendations.

Competitor Modelling

Using our data to simulate what all the other teams are likely to be focusing on and how their team compositions are developing, helping our clients to stay ahead of the game.

Auction Preparation

Our team can assist with mock auctions, using data, game theory and our unique auction tracing software to model what could happen in an upcoming auction and test different strategies.

Live Auction Support

We can send representatives to be with you on auction day or support remotely and guide you through the numbers on auction day, providing an objective, mathematical voice. Our proprietary auction support software can help your management team to model their team and strategies in real time and keep track of the auction as it unfolds.

Ad Hoc Support

We have a large team of data scientists, developers, modellers and statisticians on hand 24/7 to support your business needs. In addition to the features listed above we would be on hand to help your research and analyse anything you need help with. Let us be your outsourced maths department!